Teaching Children about Crystals

Teaching children about the healing properties of crystals can be a fun and engaging way to introduce them to the world of crystals. Here are a few tips on how to teach children about the healing properties of crystals:

  1. Keep it simple: Use simple language and explanations that are easy for children to understand. Use examples and anecdotes to make the information more relatable.

  2. Make it interactive: Use games, activities, and crafts to make learning about crystals more interactive and fun. For example, you can have children create their own crystal grids or use crystals in a sensory bin.

  3. Use visual aids: Use pictures, videos, and real crystals to help children understand the concept of crystals and their healing properties.

  4. Encourage exploration: Encourage children to explore and experiment with crystals on their own. Let them hold and examine the crystals, and encourage them to share their observations and feelings.

  5. Talk about feelings: Crystals are often associated with different emotions and feelings. Talk about how different crystals can make us feel and how they can help balance our emotions.

  6. Show by example: You can demonstrate how you use crystals in your daily life or during your meditation or relaxation routine.

  7. Respect: It's important to teach children to respect crystals and how to handle them properly. Explain that crystals are not toys and should be treated with care.

It's important to remember that children's understanding of the concept of healing crystals will vary depending on their age and maturity, so it's essential to adjust your approach accordingly.


Here are some ways to explain different aspects of crystals to children!

How are crystals formed?

Some crystals are formed deep underground, where the pressure and heat are very high. These crystals grow slowly over millions of years. Other crystals, like salt crystals, can form when salt is dissolved in water and then the water evaporates, leaving behind the crystals.


What is the history of crystals?

  1. Talk about different cultures: Crystals have been used by many different cultures throughout history. Talk about how crystals have been used in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and China.

  2. Talk about different uses: Crystals have been used for different purposes throughout history. Talk about how crystals were used for healing, decoration, and even as a form of currency in ancient times.

  3. Talk about how crystals are used today: Explain how crystals are still used today for healing, decoration, and technology.

  4. Use Fun facts: Use fun facts and interesting information to keep children engaged and excited about learning about crystals.

  5. Respect: It's important to teach children to respect the history and cultural significance of crystals, and how they have been used in different cultures.